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Thread: Bell problems with international texting

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    Default Bell problems with international texting

    I was with Rogers until October but then I managed to get a great deal with Bell so made the switch. Everything was fine until a week ago when I began having problems with international texting. I have a few friends in Ireland whom I text regularly and suddenly when I text them, about 75% of the time they don't get the message and I get a response from Bell saying I have an invalid international number. This isn't true. It's the same number that has been programmed into my phone since October and I can call it successfully from both my cell phone and my land line. Plus, SOME of the messages get through.

    I've been on the phone with Bell a few times now. First they were telling me that I was missing three digits from the number (which I'm not) and they were telling me that the message is leaving their network just fine and that the problem is on the recipient's end, which it's not since they're not having any issues with other friends here who have different carriers.

    I'm so frustrated! Has anyone else encountered this and was there a solution?

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    I have the same problem too. I could send text to, but not receive from, London, U.K. with my old phone. I got a brand new "Smart Phone" from Bell yesterday and I can do neither! I called Bell Mobility and they kept saying their network is O.K. and "its the other network's problem"! The funny (not ha ha funny) thing is says the correct phone number format is: 011 + 44 + 12 digits while there are only 10 digits in the U.K.!
    I tested 3 Rogers phones (High end, Average and Low end) to text to U.K. and they all went without a glitch! What gives?

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    Same problem. Been able to text internationally using the same programmed number for months and now it's apparently an "invalid phone number". Frustrating since I can receive but not send any. Is it possible they go through to the number and just tell me its invalid?

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    Default bell mobilty

    i have the same here with my new cellphone from bell.
    i wanted to have international texting on it so i added it on my phone.
    i tried it several times and after made lots of calls to bell they told me that the country that i wanna text aint in the list that phones from bell can text to.
    so i bought a nice phone but cant use it for the reasons i bought it.
    they dont take the phone back.
    this is a very bad thing from Bell.
    almost looks like for Bell counts Bell = Hell.

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