Hello, Can anyone help me find content for the Samsung Instinct?
I am NOT familiar with phones and all the network stuff such as 2g,
3g, ev-do, locked, unlocked, handlers, etc etc etc.

Maybe my problem is the fact that my service provider is SPRINT !!! I have not been able to find anything (games,savers,ringers,etc) anywhere on the WEB other then SPRINT.COM and they charge WAY TO MUCH MONEY for everything especially since I pay nearly $100 a month for Service. Samsung even told me there was nothing available on there site and I should contact my Provider !!!

Is it just me ... Or is it SPRINT? There seems to be all kinds of stuff for phones like Nokia and many others, but there aint a DAMN thing for this stupid phone !!! The games I had bought for my last phone (also Sprint) also did not work on this phone and when I asked Sprint about that they said "Oh we're sorry nobody mentioned that, you will have to buy New Content for this phone, Have a Nice Day!" Click ............

So if anyone can explain to me WHAT'S UP, or point me in the right direction for content or even just General Cell Phone Information, I would Appreciate it very, very, much !!!!

( If anyone says "Talk to Sprint", I think I will pitch this phone and Sprint for good)

Thank You,