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Thread: iPad case, folio case better than Smartcover

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    I have trying to find a case for my own iPad long ago. Recently I have smartcover for my iPad, but Iím not quite satisfied with it as it could not protect the back of the iPad. A week ago I bought a folio case. Iím happy with its functions. Comparing two types of cases the folio case is much better and convenient. Both cases could wake IPad when open the cover and sleep by closing it. They also could stand the iPad up. Angles could be adjusted by the users. Itís quite handy for people who need to use for a long period as bending down the neck too long is not healthy to people. However, the best thing I like the folio case the most is it got band for me to tie up the case in order not to fell over. Smartcover could not have such a function and the price of this case is reasonable only US$59.99. I have bought white one. Yellow and pink is another option. Nice case isnít it?
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