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    Default How do upgrade credits work?

    I have been speaking with the solutions (retention department) because I am month-to-month and was getting fed up with the service. I've been offered a great plan to keep me there, and they mentioned I have $200 in upgrade credits, and can use them to get a new phone. I admit I know nothing about how these credits work so I thought it means if I sign a 3-year contract with Bell then I can use the $200 credit towards a new phone (with the credit being applied towards the 3-year contract price of the phone). As I went in the store thinking that the new Iphone 32GB 3GS dropped in price to $150 (the 3-year contract price) I was thinking I'd get it free because I can apply the $200 credit towards that. After finishing off most of the paperwork and re-programming, the agent stuck his hand out and asked for the $150+taxes. I was surprised to say the least. After a back-and-forth, I walked out of there with them reversing everything they did. I called the solutions department back today and they said the $200 credit goes towards the no contract/month-to-month price of the phone, not the 3-year contract price, even though I was in fact signing a 3-year contract. So basically, this $200 credit is absolutely useless because pretty much all phones have a greatly discounted price if you take them on a 3-year contract.

    Am I missing something here? Is this really how the upgrade credit system works?

    And by the way I was looking at the Iphone, Blackberry Bold 9700 and the Palm Pre. Since I have no money to spend on a new phone that leaves the Palm Pre as the winner by default.
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