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    Default HTC finally realizes device quality might trump device quantity

    The smartphone market has been a little bi-polar on the quality/quantity divide. On the one side we have Apple, the epitome of quality over quantity, releasing one new phone a year but making sure that phone counts. On the other side we have everyone else, a flood of barely distinguishable, primarily Android utilizing, devices attempting to win over consumers through tiny differences.

    The debate between quality/quantity was up in the air for a while. The massive number of Android devices on the marketplace seemed to attract consumers as Google pulled in a larger market share for most of 2011. Yet then Apple pulled an incredible coup during quarter 4 of last year and pulled ahead of its competitors, snatching the lion’s share of the market and surpassing Android’s seemingly certain and untouchable lead. In a smartphone marketplace choked with far too many seemingly identical Android devices, consumers chose to throw their dollars behind the clarity and quality-emphasis of the iPhone.

    One of the best devices on the market now is the HTC Rezound 4G and has a sale price starting at only $149.

    Other smartphone manufacturers are finally taking note and winnowing down their product lines in an effort to follow Apple’s successful lead. At CES this year we saw a lot of mobile manufacturers talk about offering a smaller product line and focusing more on the quality of the products they produced and on producing clearer distinguishing characteristics between their flagship devices.

    Keep in mind this reprioritization of the also-rans occurred before Apple announced its crushing 4th quarter numbers and its new dominance of the market. So either all the other mobile manufacturers anticipated Apple was going to pull ahead, sooner rather than later, or they were all running into the ‘quantity’ approaches problems independently. Seeing as most people assumed Apple was going to continue to play second fiddle to Android in perpetuity, the latter is more likely. Many mobile devices offered up by third-party developers as flagship devices floundered or otherwise underperformed in the second half of 2011 and those developers are finally taking a step back to ask themselves why.

    HTC is the most recent mobile device manufacturer to make a public declaration towards slimming down their device offerings in an attempt to regain consumer interest. Yet, HTC and its competitors face a shared problem with this strategy, a problem which will prevent them from replicating the iPhone’s sales number precisely. The iPhone is the only line of Apple phones on the market. Even if HTC and its competitors pare down to one phone each a year there will be multiple Android phones on the market at all times. An emphasis on smaller product lines and higher quality is likely to help HTC, but it’s not going to make them the new dominate force in the mobile market.

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