Hi, everyone, this is the first time to introduce OTP App Store!! I am gonna explain how to use preview with OTP today.

Music pop station.jpg Music pop station 2.jpg

This screen shot is Music pop station on Optical Trackpad Store.
Like explanation above, especially, this app is made for functions of OTP.
The best function that I would like to recommend is preview.
Through preview, you can pick any music on album with scrolling OTP up and down on album list. Not only this function, this app also utilizes all the functions of OTP such as 4way moving and scrolling.

There is the smart app teaching users how to use OTP and giving information of apps.

Lastly, you can find this app on Optical trackpad store
and Optical Trackpad Store is on Goolgle play for free.
OTP storeQR 코드.jpg