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Thread: Broken Loaner phone H

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    Angry Broken Loaner phone H

    Hi, I recently had my HTC ONE V quit receiving signal for no apparent reason and brought it in for repair. I had had the phone for 4 months and os it was covered under warranty. I was told by the sales person that my phone is a piece of "cr$p" and that it gets returned for repair often. I was given a loaner phone of the same model, and as I walked away the salesmen called my name and told me we had to quickly sign some forms. I never paid any deposit for the loaner phone, which is odd because when I look on Koodo's website, I shoulda have had to pay 150$ deposit. A few days later I fell on the ice on a montreal street and cracked the glass on the loaner phone. It still works perfects fine but just has a crack on it. When I went to return the phone, I was told I had to pay 150$, give back the loaner phone and I would then get my original phone back. I find it insane that they expect me to pay 150$ AND give the loaner phone back. The phone sells for 150$, so I am essentially buying from them, but have to give it to them. I also offered to just keep the cracked loaner phone and let them keep my perfectly repaired phone, but they refused. It seems to me they just want to make a smoothe 150$ profit of the situation. Anyways, due to the fact that the sales person forgot to make me pay the deposit before getting the loaner phone, is there anything I can do to get out of this situation without paying 150$ just to get my phone back? I was told I have 45 days to get the money otherwise they will shutdown my service. Thanks, Matt

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    Means you want sale it out??

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