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    The phone is a compendium of the features found in all the other RAZRs, RIZRs, KRZRs, and SLVRs, such as external soft-touch music transport keys, a two-megapixel camera, and stereo Bluetooth. This Moto omnibus, however, doesn't result in a major step forward; it merely brings the Maxx Ve even with other phones at the upper end of the cell phone scale.

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    Yes its very good featured mobile phone.

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    Wow! just realized how old my phone is. I cannot believe that this type of phone will vanish in just few years. How can this phone compete with other smart phones anyway? I cannot really help myself but drool with the new phones specifically Android Phones and those apple iPhones. Those Samsung and HTC Android Phones are very very sleek but unfortunately they are very very expensive.


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