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    Default + Micro Counter Strike - Freeware FPS [demo v1.1]

    Micro Counter Strike

    I’ve just found a Micro Counter-Strike for our mobile phones. It's a java application but the graphics is really cool anyway. In fact everything is cool except... it's a beta version...Well you should try it anyway!

    Micro Counter-Strike is the mobile version of the classic PC game 'Counter-Strike’ and brings the 'Counter-Strike' gaming experience to you anywhere and anytime! Micro Counter-Strike is developed by M3GWORKS, leading developer of 3D game engine for mobile phones and they have developed the ver... ..

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    Micro Counter Strike - full story

    Sincerely yours,
    Giarrar ft. Apoc’

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    The full version with up to 6 maps has been launched!

    Download Micro Counter Strike full version here


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