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    Default How advertising hits your cellphone screen

    VANCOUVER - The next time you're walking down Robson Street and your phone rings, don't assume it's a friend calling.

    In shades of the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, it could be the Bluetooth-enabled advertising display in the shop or bistro you've just passed recognizing your Bluetooth wireless phone and beaming you a message: Would like to receive an advertising offer?

    You then have take a couple of seconds to decide whether you think it is mobile spam to delete, or a cool new way for businesses to tell you about deals.

    Vancouver Sun

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    some times i received call after accepting call it sing many songs in clipping mode and say to set your as caller tune. its so funny and headache to receive this type of call.s

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    ya I too agree with you its really frustrating to pick up such calls when we are busy somewhere in our work

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    Default Nice Technology

    wow... this is nice for advertisement but it only worked when your Bluetooth is enabled. and it rarely happens that someone to enable their mobile Bluetooth every time.
    Go4Customer - UK


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