Canadian consumers were revolting Tuesday against Rogers Communications' rates for the Apple iPhone 3G, and news media around the world were noticing.

"We've got one of the least competitive markets in the world with regards to pricing," Geist said, adding that as well as higher pricing for its data plans, Rogers is also requiring a three-year contract. By comparison, AT&T in the United States requires only a two-year plan and it is selling the iPhone at the same price as Rogers, $199.
Canadians who want the iPhone will have to sign a three-year contract with the network, with tariffs that compare unfavourably to AT&T's plans. For example, the $75-a-month plan gives Canadian users two-thirds the airtime and half the texts, and caps data usage at 750 MB.
With their online petition at , Canadian consumers hope persuade Apple to cut another deal with a competing carrier to bring the price down.
The website, titled Screwing Canadian iPhone consumers since '08, includes an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Signed by James Hallen, the letter calls on Jobs to intervene and pressure Rogers into cheapening up its iPhone rates.