I have a few questions about the Rogers MY5 plan ($25) plan...

1) It says that I have 500 minutes of incoming calls...are those incoming calls local or can they be LD? for example, i live in Toronto and my mom from Waterloo calls me...when she calls, are the minutes included in the 500 incoming minutes?

2) [refers to question 1] if the 500 incoming minutes do not include long distance calls, how am i charged if someone from another city calls me? eg. what is the rate?

3) how much is it to make a call from Canada to another country? (outside of North America) and how much is to receive a call from another country?

4)How much is it when I make a LD call within Canada?

5)Are all incoming text/pic/video messages free? eg. doesnt matter where its coming from...Canada, US or outside of north america...

6)If i send a text msg to a cell phone thats outside of north america, how much is it?

I know its alot...but thanks !